About Zoestrobe


Playing your slipmat is just as fun as your records!

You're used to playing your records on your turntable but have you ever "played" your slipmat? With Zoestrobe you can!

Zoestrobe uses your device's flashlight as a strobe light. When that light blinks at a particular speed it can bring spinning slipmat animations to life!


*Requires an animated slipmat powered by Zoestrobe to work!

Created by BrainTwins and LUNA music.

In late 2017, Todd from LUNA music approached us to create an animated slipmat for his store for Record Store Day 2018. After countless tests with multiple designs and iterations, a design was created and a strobe frequency was tuned to make the slipmats animate. Since this was going to be sold in a store, we needed a simple app to run the strobe at the perfect frequency depending on the speed of the user's turntable. Thus Zoestrobe was born! You can simply set your turntable speed and place your phone up to the spinning slipmat to reveal the design! Download the app to your phone below!


Zoestrobe App Concept and Design by BrainTwins

Special Thanks to LUNA music

strobe warning